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XIRAN® resins

Our copolymers are truly random copolymers consisting of styrene and maleic anhydride and are sold under the brand name XIRAN®. These transparent products have varying maleic anhydride content and molecular weight with a high glass transition temperature (Tg) (100 to 165°C). XIRAN® is highly appreciated in many markets due to the combination of the properties of styrene and maleic anhydride.


XIRAN® -terpolymers – known as XIRAN® heat boosters – add another layer to Polyscope’s portfolio due to addition of N-phenylmaleimide (NPMI) included in the SMA polymer backbone. These terpolymers offer a very high glass transition, with Tg reaching 198°C. Compared to alternative technologies in the market, the XIRAN® heat boosting grades deliver a very high degree of efficiency by increasing the high heat performance of engineering plastic compounds at a lower additive level.

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