XIBOND blend optimizers

Our XIBOND™ blend optimizers portfolio consists of different products which are suitable to enhance the properties of polymer blends for the plastic converting industry. These functional polymers consist of reactive groups which affect the blend morphology or the surface characteristics of several polymer systems. The key functionalities for our XIBOND™ portfolio are shown in the image below.


XIBOND™ compatibilizers
Polyscope offers a range of compatibilizers for the compounding industry to meet with the increasing trend to create blends with different type of polymers. Compatibilizers are necessary to optimize the surface tension and achieve blends without delamination with optimized properties. Read more about our compatibilizers

XIBOND™ coupling agents
Coupling agents are additives which enhance the chemical bonding in composite systems. The improved bonding between the polymer matrix and the fiber surface is critical to achieve optimized properties in composite materials. Read more about our coupling agents.

XIBOND™ chain extenders
Our XIBOND™ technology can connect polymer chains together to raise the molecular weight, resulting in higher melt strength. This technique is especially suitable for polycondensates and polyamides and for upgrading recycled materials.

XIBOND™ viscosity modifiers
The reactive groups present in the XIBOND™ portfolio can influence the viscosity of certain polymers such as Polyamides. The viscosity modification can act as processing aid for several processes such as blow molding or extrusion.

XIBOND™ surface modifiers
The addition of XIBOND™ enhances the surface properties of polymer matrices, the polarity of the surface is influenced due to the presence of polar maleic anhydride functionality. The XIBOND™ technology can also improve the adhesion performance of several polymer matrices.