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XIRAN®: an excellent adhesion promoter

Specialty polymers
In specialty polymer applications, the use of maleic anhydride modified polymers in adhesives is well known. They are often used to increase adhesion to polar surfaces, improve water resistance and alkali solubility. The combination of water resistance and alkali solubility makes XIRAN® styrene maleic anhydride an ideal additive for label adhesives.

XIRAN® also improves the heat resistance of emulsion polymerization latex such as styrene acrylic allowing them to be used in heat seal coatings for flexible packaging.Styrene maleic anhydride is also used in paper sizing to provide the combination of hydrophobicity and improved toner adhesion. By using XIRAN® copolymers as cross-linking agents in Copper Clad Laminates (CCL) for the production of PCBs, adhesion improvement to copper and glass filaments can be also achieved.