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Styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) polymers are well suitable to solubilize and purifiy
membrane proteins and their bound lipids directly from biological membranes without
the need for conventional detergents. The resulting SMALPs with your target membrane
protein are compatible with mainstream purification methods, allow you to perform
functional assays, and are excellent platforms for Cryo-EM analysis.

Building more value out of SMA copolymers

The statistical distribution of styrene and maleic anhydride monomers lead to an
optimal balance in polymer properties for high performance membrane protein
extraction and stabilization.


Why PolyScience

Powered by Polyscope Polymers, Polyscience is dedicated to the manufacturing,
marketing, and selling of SMA copolymer products for biomedical and
pharmaceutical purposes. We adhere to our core values focus, knowledge &
customer relation to advance your research to the next level.

Three types of SMA products are available. These have been widely used in
the SMALP research field for solubilization & purification of membrane proteins
along with bound lipids and partner proteins. The SMALP 30010 P is in general
most recommended.