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XIRAN® grades can suit the exact needs of the paper makers thanks to the flexibility of their chemical modification. Most popular applications for XIRAN® grades in the paper industry include surface treatment of paper and they are used as paper polymer sizing agents as well as coating additives as they offer improved printability and surface of the final paper and paperboards.

As surface sizing agents, XIRAN® copolymers provide effective cross-linking between the components of surface size solution and cellulose when applied on the paper surface, resulting in:

  • Increased surface strength
  • Improved hydrophobicity
  • Improved coefficient of friction
  • Improved printability and toner adhesion
  • Higher cost effectiveness


In addition to this, XIRAN® copolymers reduce linting and dusting in high ash papers. The grades of paper that can benefit from the above attributes are generally fine papers, such as offset grades, coating base, copier paper or any other printing and writing grades. The technology options for paper makers under XIRAN® umbrella aimed at surface treatment are: XIRAN® alkali salt solutions, XIRAN® imide dispersions and XIRAN® polymer emulsions.

As a coating additive, the use of modified XIRAN® solutions or dispersions results in:

• Correct coating color rheology and water retention characteristics
• Improved wet rub resistance
• Ink and coating hold-out
• Improved printability
• Improved coating strength in systems containing insolubilizers