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Polyscope offers a wide range of polymer additives for the compounding industry, these products are classified as our performance enhancers portfolio. We offer solutions for polymers and polymer blends and can be divided into XIRAN® heat boosters and XIBOND™ blend optimizers.

Our XIRAN® heat boosters increase the temperature resistance of a wide range of plastics. The extensive XIRAN® heat boosting portfolio has positioned Polyscope as the pioneer for heat performance promotion of engineering plastics. The addition of heat boosters contributes to withstand processing temperatures as well as higher temperature resistance in the final applications. 

Features of XIRAN® heat boosters

  • Increased heat resistance: Tg, Vicat and HDT
  • Reduced residual volatiles and oligomers compared to competitive technologies
  • Improved rigidity and strength of compounds
  • Excellent dimensional stability; low shrinkage and CLTE
  • Improved flow properties

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Our  XIBOND™ blend optimizers consist of polymer additives which respond to the increasing need for “designer” type polymer solutions for specific applications in the compounding industry. Product developers are always looking to develop new polymer blends with balanced properties. Polyscope offers additives that contribute to optimizing properties in a wide range of polymers. We strive to support you with a broad range of additives for a wide range of polymer blends, so we invite you to contact us to discuss your blend.

Features of XIBOND™ blend optimizers

  • Improved interfacial tension
  • Stabilized morphology against high stresses
  • Enhanced adhesion between the phases in the solid state
  • Improved adhesion between fibers and polymers
  • Resulting in significant improvement of the properties of the polymer blend

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