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Building and Construction

Styrene maleic anhydride solutions are used in paraffin wax emulsions acting as:

• Surfactants during the process of making the emulsion
• Dispersing agents leading to stable emulsions
• Hydrophobing agents 


One of the applications of XIRAN® hydrolyzed solutions (XIRAN® SL) is that of gypsum boards (wallboards). XIRAN®’s ability to drastically imidize improves the hydrophobicity of the systems.

Styrene maleic anhydride copolymers are available as fully formulated, ready-to-use ,thermosetting binder systems which can be used in many applications such as glass/stonewool insulation and glass fiber mats for non- woven applications such as vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, roofing shingles.
These thermosetting binder systems are no added formaldehyde binder systems with the following advantages:

• Good wet strength
• Excellent moisture resistance after curing
• Excellent strength after curing

XIRAN® binder systems were specifically designed to meet end users demands and they do not emit VOCs such as phenol or formaldehyde during the manufacturing process and its subsequent use.