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Electronics and equipment

Our products are a forefront source for engineering resins, not only for insulation in electronic devices, but also for mechanical components.


Styrene maleic anhydride copolymers are suitable epoxy cross- linking agents (curing agents) which serve the needs of the electronics market .They are used as building blocks in the manufacture of prepregs for Copper Clad Laminate/ Printed Circuit Board (CCL/PCB) laminates in the fabrication of simple electronic devices, computer graphic cards, motherboards and low loss high frequency laminates for communication devices. XIRAN® copolymers can be used either the PCBs are single-layer or multiple –layer and either they are rigid or flexible.

In general, the laminates should have good electrical, mechanical, thermal and environmental characteristics. XIRAN® styrene maleic anhydride copolymers are used as epoxy cross-linking agents being well designed to suit the performance requirements for PCB laminates and the demanding needs of CCL industry enabling the development of cost effective formulations and yet maintaining their characteristics.

More specifically, the cured with XIRAN® epoxy resins offer the following advantages:

• Improved thermal properties, higher Tg
• Lower Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
• Improved peel strength
• Superior di-electric properties Dk/Df
• High frequency, low loss applications
• Adhesion improvement to copper (aluminium) and glass filaments
• Higher moisture resistance compared to standard epoxy


Our XIRAN® products offer an excellent dimensional stability which becomes more and more important in this market, considering that more features must be packed into less space. Our XIRAN® compounds allow tighter tolerances without losing electrical properties. Additionally XIRAN® is a transparent polymer which is applied for its high temperature resistance in transparent materials. XIRAN® is a material which is applied in a wide range of applications.

Applications Examples

  • Mobile Phones and Laptops
  • Electric motor housings
  • Camera components
  • Bobbins and Switches
  • Lighting applications
  • Wall sockets
  • Lamp Frames
  • Connectors
  • Junction blocks
  • Optical sheets

 Industrial Advantages

  • Low dielectric loss
  • High insulation resistance
  • Great dimensional stability

 Business Advantages

  • Easy to mold
  • Many applications in the field