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Paper chemicals and paper sizing

Paper chemicals and paper sizing as alternative to styrene acrylic

The presence of the maleic anhydride group opens the gateway to water based applications. The functional benefits of XIRAN as paper chemical for example as paper sizing alternative to styrene acrylics.

Cost point of view
Polyscope recently has developed some unique products for this market, which enables customers to deploy new products based on SMA quicker then in the past. Due to this technology development SMA is an excellent alternative to Styrene Acrylic water based coatings or the likes, from a total cost point of view!

High constant quality level
Basic market tests have shown that Polyscope’s XIRAN guarantees a constant quality level and due to its purity gives better performance at targeted application levels then competing paper sizing products. Polyscope’s state-of-the-art production unit ensures a high quality, cost competitive product. Depending on the desired level of paper sizing already at 0.5 kg (dry weight) per ton of paper will improve final paper properties. XIRAN SMA-copolymers as the basic paper chemicals solution, as well as the more advanced patented dispersion technology, are of special interest for improving a range of paper properties.

More information?
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